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My Autobiography

Two Engines, One Voice is the story of my life.

In this autobiographical book, I am offering an intimate and personal glimpse into the living of my life. An incredible journey it has been and will continue to be. It is my invitation to you to share in my life story, one I have crafted and shaped ever more consciously as my years have unfolded.

Every life is different. I am hoping that anyone who reads this book has a sense of enjoyment, a sense of fascination, ah-has from certain ideas, a sense of pathos, a sense of excitement, a sense of anger, all of it.

This is a gift I offer you through the writing and publishing of this book. Who knows, perhaps this writing will help you understand, at a new heightened level, your life story.

I invite you to download the book for free onĀ my site here.

Print and Kindle versions are available to purchase on Amazon.

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