Monday, December, 10th, 2012. Journeying to Tanzania

Monday, December, 10th, Journey to Tanzania

Well, according to the time on my computer it is 11.20 pm, Sunday, in San Francisco.  In Zurich it’s 8 am, Monday  Snow is gently falling, an accumulation of perhaps a foot.  It feels peaceful and very Christmas outside.  The Zurich airport however, is very stark.  No art.  Yes, lots of space and as expected, well organized.

The leg from SF to Dulles uneventful with one rather amusing and annoying exception. Before leaving SF I decided I would while (sp?) away the hours on this plane trip by knitting.  The pattern requires two sets of 5 – 4 inch needles.  Well, you can imagine what happen.  In the first hour they were falling everywhere – down the side of my seat, under my seat, behind my seat.  I had two young types sitting behind me who were happy to retrieve and pass back, retrieve and pass back.  You get it. I have finally figured out how to expand my bag containing the wool to catch the needles as I drop them.  Memo to packing list.  Choose a knitting bag  that is not slithery!

We left SF on time- beautiful day – Anthony was a sweetheart and rose at 5:30 am to take me. We arrived in Dulles – gosh, it’s so crowded these days – like the shuttle terminal was like in NY in the ’70’s!.   I hardly put foot on that soil and was whisked away – on to Zurich.  My seat mate, a very intense, amusing middle aged man – Indian by birth – who lives in St. Kits (in the Caribbean and runs a grocery store) and who is on his way to India where his children are being educated kept me entertained. (when I wanted it).  Talk about a global family.

The trip from DC to Zurich was an 8 hour flight.  No sleep for me. – I knit – and yes I dropped a couple of needles but I am getting more skilled at the technique of knitting over the bag.  I also began to read the new book out on the Gospel of Mary Magdalene. The SF Opera is doing a world premier in June on the topic – highly controversial.  I am intrigued by the facts described in the book taken from a manuscript found in the 19th Century called the Gospel according to Mary and describes the role of Mary Magdalene, a disciple..  A very different twist on the Jesus story – not unlike the point of view espoused by some channels I have worked with.  I looked forward to both the opera and more in the book.

Well, my lay-over is about to end.  I had thought I had four hours – but no, and thankfully, we move on to the last lap soon. A nine hour flight and I will be in Dar Es Salaam.

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